Monday, 27 May 2013

Mini Review of Cream Puff Lip Cream

What The Product looks like..
What it says on the bottle...
The colour...
A swatch of the product...

This product is called "Cream Puff" and is a moisturising lip cream. I purchased it from the brand Collection, it cost £2.99 and is suppose to give a matt finish to the lips. The shade is in Cotton Candy 1. I love this product it is everything I want in a tube. It really compliments my skin tone and makes my lips velvety smooth. The only negatives I have are; that the actual product is hard to get out because, it has a dough foot brush; it doesn't contain much product; the other colours in the range are all rather dull but they do have lovely names e.g Angel Delight. However, overall this product is amazing and for the price I would defiantly recommend it.

What do you think about this product? Would you buy it?

The Secret Whisperer