Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My July Favourites

Good Morning lovelies,

So today I'm going to go through my July favourites.

Just a brief overview on the month of July; I have been enjoying not wearing a lot of make up; I have loved my skin care routine this month and it's summer so I'm really happy! :)

To start with I have been loving this Loreal Matt and Messy salt spray. It gives my hair a lovely tousled and textured style. Plus this product gives a shine free finish unlike some other salt sprays. I love that it gives extra lift for when you want that sexy beach look.

This Witch Foaming Face Cleanser works a dream for the hot and sticky days in the summer. It keeps control of oily skin types and is a refreshing face wash for normal/combination skin. I can't wait to buy and try out more products from Witch.

Here's what it looks like:

Throughout July I have been wearing nail polish a lot more but my favourite polish has been the Rimmel I <3 Fruities lasting finish in 025 Strawberry Fizz. You only need 2 coats to get the true colour and the polish is scented once dried. It smells like strawberry shortcake (double bonus). Plus it looks great with a tan!

This month I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased my first bottle of Bioderma. I completely understand why everyone raves about this product, it's amazing. For those of you who don't know what Bioderma is, it is a water based make up remover that is French (it takes your eye make up and face make up off super quick). I love it!


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