Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cute Little Haul

Hello Lovelies,
Today I went shopping and I picked up a few items and I really wanted to show you them...

To start with I popped in to Liz Earle to get a new Hot Cloth Cleanser (I am definitely converted and I love this product) seen as my old one ran out. Here you can buy the Liz Earle Starter Kit, which is the one I bought as shown here...

Also as it's my Mum's birthday soon, my Dad bought her the new set from Liz Earle which has the Hot Cloth Cleanser, a Muslin Cloth, the Skin Tonic, the Moisturiser and a Sheer Skin Tint. You see I'm trying to convert her to Liz Earle (I think it might be working!).

Next, I went in to Jack Wills to see what they had in the sale. I love going to Jack Wills when they have a sale on, but usually i get to excited and end up bankrupting my purse, however I was well restrained today. The first item was these super comfy sweatpants that are a dream to snuggle up in to...

...then I got this Jack Wills shopping bag that would be handy for lots of things.

See you soon

1 comment:

  1. I love the JW sweat pants :) I love comfy bits like that, especially for lounging about! x