Saturday, 31 August 2013

D.I.Y No Sew Hair Bow

Hey everyone, today I'm going to show you how to make a hair bow accessory. The best thing about this DIY is that it requires no sewing, whatsoever!! :)

What you will need:
A glue gun
Cotton Material
A ruler
Tailors chalk or a pencil
Sandwich ties or pipe cleaners
Old hair clips or bobby pins
a pair of scissors 

Start of with cutting out your fabric 30 cm by 12cm

Then cut another strip that is 3cm by 15cm

On the main piece of material, iron over 1cm of fabric on the longest parallel side, this is so it won't fray

Fold the strip of fabric to the size you would like, mine is 1cm wide, feel free to adjust seen as you aren't gluing this part

Next fold the biggest piece of fabric over on both sides so they have a cm overlap in the middle

Iron it again so it is flat

Pinch the fabric in the middle and the gather it up in a fan like way

Put the sandwich tie around the middle of the bow

Next put some glue on the front of the bow and place the strip of fabric on the top wrap the cotton around the back of the bow and chop of any excess fabric
Glue the ends together

Then glue any other parts of the bow that you think might fray

Lastly glue your chosen hair clip to the back of the bow (make sure you have made it very secure, you don't want it to fall off!)

There you have it, a new cute and cheap hair accessory that can look anyway you want :)

Let me know if you tried it out and what material did you use?

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