Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lush Bohemian Soap Review

Hey Guys, I hope your all enjoying November so far. The other day I went on a shopping trip and was sucked into the wonderful whirlwind of fragrance that is the ever so fabulous, Lush. I couldn't not go in! The Soaps, Bath bombs, Bath melts and Bubble bars all look so appealing seen as it's so close to Christmas, I literally spent ages in there smelling each and every one (okay...not every one but still)! However, I was well restrained and only came out with one thing...

...the Lush Bohemian Soap. I had been eyeing this soap up for a while. It has Lemon oil, soap and glycerine which are a simple, yet luxurious combination. I love it, it smells so fresh and citrusy it can be used as an all year round soap to lift your spirits everyday. It acts as a great pick me up after being out all day and the extra glycerine does wonders for the skin.

What is your all time favourite product from Lush?

Friday, 15 November 2013

My Autumn Wishlist

Hey guys hope you are all well and enjoying November, I can't believe Christmas is next month eek! :)

Recently, I've been having a bit of a 'bloggers block' and haven't really been inspired to write anything. However, I decided to create a Autumn/Winter Wish list seen as I am snuggled up inside and just fancied collaging together a few items that will hopefully inspire some of you...