Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping

Hey guys, are you lacking inspiration for Christmas wrapping! Well, here are a few ideas for giving the best presents ever:

A Little gift bag:
You will need -
a present
candy canes
a cellophane bag
bakers twine in various colours
gift tags 

  1. Open the cellophane bag and put the gift inside including the candy cane.
  2. Then add a sprinkling of glitter
  3. Close the bag
  4. Then gently shake the bag to disperse the glitter
  5. Next tie a bow around the bag and attach the gift tag
  6. There you have a really sweet gift.
Normal Present

You will need:
brown paper
a candy cane
bakers twine
tissue paper
a stapler
cello tape
  1. Start by measuring how much twine you will need to cross the present.
  2. Tie a bow on the front
  3. Cello tape the white tissue paper flower to the present
  4. Stick on the candy cane
  5. Then write on the brown paper, who it is for!
  6. image
or alternatively you can just tie the backers twine around the gift and attach a candy cane with cello tape like this..
Let me know if this was useful?

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