Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Clothes show live

Hey Guys, so yesterday I went to Clothes Show Live, in Birmingham and It was amazing. I picked up lots of brilliant bargains.

To start with I got a £1 goodie bag from cosmopolitan and company which included a packet of jelly beans, a Lindt chocolate, a lemon and lime mint drink (which I didn't like very much!), a sample of Hugo boss, a toilet roll (you never know when you might need that :/ ), some packets of coffee, an 8ml Rimmel foundation, some leaflets, a Cosmo magazine and a company magazine! All for £1 which is a rather good deal.

Then I brought a so Susan goodie bag which was £5 for 4 make up items that have the cutest packaging ever..

After that, I saw this little peter pan collared shirt by Edy and Bridge, I could have bought everything there I swear.

Then I bought the £5 goodie bag from so...? and it included a big dry shampoo, a little make up bag, a mini dry shampoo, then a body spray and perfume.

Overall, I thought I was well restrained because I didn't buy any of the Barry M or Models Own goodie bags because, I went to the Clothes Show last year and the products looked the same!

I hope you all had a great day, let me know if you went to the Clothes Show?


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