Friday, 17 January 2014

Little Blue Bird for your Keys

Hello everyone! Its Back to school season after the Christmas holidays (which can be so hard, I know) and because of that, I thought I would  show you a DIY project! Today, I'm going to make a Little Blue Bird that will keep your house keys from getting lost in the black hole that is...
.... a handbag! This DIY takes a little bit of preparation but is easy if you follow these steps!

Your will need:

2 pieces of blue felt
a little bit of light blue felt
a tiny bit of green felt
a bundle of thread
2 black beads for the eyes
some stuffing
some Ric-a-Rac and a piece of ribbon

Extra Embellishments (use whatever you want):
some cotton fabric (mine is dotty)
different coloured felt

a lanyard clip (this is the metal thing that attaches the bird to your keys, however if you don't have it the alternative is just ribbon)

and a template of a bird here is a pretty one, I used a template I had lying around!


Firstly cut out your templates and cut them all out. You need to cut two blue bird bodies out of blue felt, a circle for its eye out of light blue and cut two leaves out of green felt. Feel free to add any embellishments you want to your birdy..

Then sew on all the embellishments like so..

Next add the ribbon on to the bird and attach to the lanyard clip
Have fun xx

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