Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Gifts for anytime of the year No.3 DIY Hearts in a Jar...

Hey everyone I hope your all having a great day! I thought I would show you how to make this super cute jar to either put in your bedroom or give as a gift (It would be amazing for a person you care a lot for), I hope you enjoy....

You will need:
Love Hearts (or any sweets in general, preferably heart shaped ones)
Mason jars or some cheap glass jars like I have I bought mine from Tesco's
Skewers x3
Pastel card for the arrow and X and O
Sticky tape

First to make the shooting arrow you need to cut the two ends of the skewers off and cut the pastel paper into a heart and a feather shape like this...
Once you have the two pieces ready, stick them on to one skewer, the heart and feather will be for the shooting arrow then the X's and O's will be on the other two skewers. To make the house shape look like a feather just cut to the centre to create something like this..

To make the X's and O's you just need to draw an X and an O on to the piece of card with a pencil and cut the shapes out with scissors.
Then pour your chosen sweets in to the glass jar. Then use sticky tape to attach the arrow to the jar and use ribbon if you want to embellish it even more!

Your finished product should look like this, I think anyone would be really happy to receive this as a gift!
Let me know if you try this DIY!

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  1. Nice great DIY! I did a similar cute gift for my boyfriend last year and tapped messages on the bottom of hershey's kisses and put it all in a bowl haha.

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    Raincouver Beauty