Friday, 14 August 2015

Product of the Month ~ No.1

Hey everyone, so today I'm going to start a new series called 'Product of the Month' and will be able to share with you one product each month that has changed my life, just a little fraction more than any others have. So do tell me whether or not you like these posts and also if you have a favourite product of the month. I'd love to find out what you have been loving and can't wait to try some new products out!

Are you ready? (let's get cracking)

 So my product of this month has to be: ...Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm...

... firstly it's so tasty (I have to force myself not to lick it all off because it smells and tastes AMAZING!) but it is also really refreshing and mega moisturising. I know this lip balm used to be talked about all the time yet here I am, once again late on the bandwagon, but anyways who cares right? I love using this product in the summer but especially love using it in winter because it is so calming and nourishing especially if you suffer from dry lips (which I definitely do in both seasons from going hot to cold, cold to hot). I would really recommend this if you have sensitive lips because it is honey based which is a fabulous thing as honey is widely known to heal and soothe due to its antibacterial properties. The lip balm contains special plant oils (for example Calendulofficinalis also known as English marigold) and contains zero nasties - which is a big bonus these days! The price is therefore on the higher side for a simple lip product but I don't think that's a bad thing as it ticks all of my boxes.

Hope you all are well, and that this helped you even a tiny amount! I have missed writing blog posts but this year has been beyond cRaZy! I hope all of you who are now on summer are having a smashing time :) Love you all,

the secret whisperer