Sunday, 22 October 2017

A new adventure...

So I have decided to set up my own little marketplace on depop and I just wanted to show you all what I'll be selling. Firstly I'm going to sell Pom Pom earrings and secondly I'll be selling seasonal Pom pom earrings with themes so look out for them :) I love coming up with pretty names for the colours so each earring will have a different name, so they will be easy to distinguish by. I cannot wait to show you all the exciting plans I have for after my little launch, I hope you are all well and enjoy the little photos I have taken!

here's the link to my page

Mermaid Teal
Marshmellow Pink
Holly Ruby Red
Indigo Damson
Cornflower Blue 

Carbon Black

Nuclear Pink

All my love,
the secret whisperer

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Just a little walk with nature

Hello once again! Today I went on a walk with my mum and it was so beautiful out and we had such a lovely time so I thought why not upload some of the photos we took! As I do Textiles at A level we went out and were on the hunt for fungi as my title was worn and weathered but I was so surprised we found so many, much more than I ever imagined of finding. There's nothing better than being surrounded by nature and even the tiniest things can be so beautiful.

'We ought to walk through our lives not looking for flaws, but looking for potential'

all my love
the secret whisperer

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Library Trip ~ if you are anything like me I recommend this book 100 times over...


Firstly this book was completely found on the off chance (which in itself was really cool as I had no idea what the book really was about until I started to read it) and it mainly caught my attention as it had the word 'molecules' on the cover. As I take Chemistry at A level I was curious why this book was in the fiction section. But it was the right choice to make, as I won't kid you I read it in 6 hours! (BTW that is unheard off for me as it is quite a chunky book as well) One evening this past week I got into my bed and just read non stop (besides dinner) If I'm honest I couldn't put it down.

Anyway let us get to the review - the story follows two teenagers Stewart and Ashley who are forced together due to their family situation - they essentially become stepsister and stepbrother. It is really a book about growing up in a scary new school for Stewart and how he learns that he can be smart and interact really well socially. Ashley on the other hand is a popular girl at her school and is trying to make her way to the top of the social ladder. She doesn't like it when Stewart joins her school and gets in the way. But the deeper reason lies with her feeling betrayed by her dad so takes it out on her new family, Stewart included. 

Overall this story made me laugh, made me cry and made me feel very attached to the main characters and their family. The main characters are complete opposites. And yet, they have one thing in common: they - like everyone else - are made of molecules. I would recommend it to anyone!

I picked up two other books that I am in the process of getting round to, one is about Edward VI the son of Henry VIII and who only lived for 15 years. It is really interesting but there are so many names of people used who I don't know anything about so have had to keep looking bits and bobs up. I also took a book out about Margaret Thatcher who I have been studying at sixth form so thought it would help to do some background reading. 

All my love
the secret whisperer 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Summer To - Do - List

Hey everyone!

As summer is here (unless you live in England as our summertime is always mega sporadic) I thought why not share what I am planning to get up to this holiday with you - which hopefully will either give you a few ideas of what you want to do, see or go (I decided to choose 20 things - so I would class this as a biggish list but still achievable and I will fill you in on how I do!)

1. go on holiday to a hot country
2. swim in the sea (cold or warm - I'm not fussed)
3. read 3 books minimum (I'm a slow reader normally but sometimes can be a bookworm - so I  thought setting a small goal would be more achievable and easier to accomplish )
4. spend quality time with all my family
5. do yoga watching the sunrise
6. go ice skating
7. keep knitting the jumper I started
8. learn how to touch typed 
9. do more embroidery - buy some little embroidery hoops
10. make some more clothes/upcycle
11. write my personal statement for university
12. ride a bike in a foreign city
13. play inflatable rounders
14. keep fit - swimming, running and walking
15. learn how to do the splits
16. progress my textile/fashion knowledge
17. write more blog posts
18. go to parties and see friends
19. have a picnic in the sunshine
20. feel ready for my A levels next year!

All my love and wishes for a fab summer holiday 

The secret whisperer 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

College Life and 5 ways to living life in general...

College. wow it has been a big step up from Secondary School for me personally and also as in the the change in work load. GCSE to A levels is a big jump! For a bit of an addicted workaholic like me that is okay usually but some days it isn't and I really feel there is never enough time!

However, everybody can feel like this so in order to combat these ugly stress levels and work loads together I felt it was time I sat down and wrote a new post...A SECRET WHISPERS' 5 TOP TIPS TO LIVING LIFE PROPERLY BUT WORKING HARD AS WELL...

1. MUSIC ~ I know it's sometimes the wrong thing to do but if you are sitting reading this I am sure
 you have a few extra minutes to go and listen to some of your favourite music tracks! here are a few that have helped me to feel upbeat and happier in minutes (plus they do say music calms the mind!)

1975 - Someone Else (Cover) ~ this isn't a super happy song but it's one I haven't become sick of yet (which is rare and it's such a lovely song)

2. DO SOMETHING FOR YOU ~ This is an important one because you always come before anyone else! (yes that is a tad selfish and I don't believe in being selfish to the extreme level but hear me out!) No matter who you are you are going to be no use if you aren't in a positive place yourself because you will just impact on people around you in negative ways if you feel under the grey clouds. So go on a walk with yourself or with loved ones, just take a break, go paint your fingers and toes, sew yourself a new outfit, do some painting. The options are endless but do what for feel you would like to do 'if you had the time' because you actually do if you get down to it :)

3. SMILE to strangers and talk to people you don't usually talk to, you will learn something new I guarantee it!

4. STAY ORGANISED ~ get a sheet of paper and write it all down! Everything you want to get done TODAY! because that way you won't be stressing about the whole week just one day and remember there is 24 hours in a day, 8-9 for sleep and 10 strong hours for work and bettering yourself!! (5 hours can be spent the way you wish - I know I haven't factored eating and travel buttt I just want you to see the outside perspective on your day!)

5. LEARN SOMETHING NEW EACH DAY ~ no matter how BIG or small make sure you go to bed knowing you have bettered yourself in one way or another because it will give you such a boost knowing you have improved even in the slightest of ways!

   Lots of love
         The Secret Whisperer

P.s remember your life is yours and nobody else's!