Thursday, 27 July 2017

Summer To - Do - List

Hey everyone!

As summer is here (unless you live in England as our summertime is always mega sporadic) I thought why not share what I am planning to get up to this holiday with you - which hopefully will either give you a few ideas of what you want to do, see or go (I decided to choose 20 things - so I would class this as a biggish list but still achievable and I will fill you in on how I do!)

1. go on holiday to a hot country
2. swim in the sea (cold or warm - I'm not fussed)
3. read 3 books minimum (I'm a slow reader normally but sometimes can be a bookworm - so I  thought setting a small goal would be more achievable and easier to accomplish )
4. spend quality time with all my family
5. do yoga watching the sunrise
6. go ice skating
7. keep knitting the jumper I started
8. learn how to touch typed 
9. do more embroidery - buy some little embroidery hoops
10. make some more clothes/upcycle
11. write my personal statement for university
12. ride a bike in a foreign city
13. play inflatable rounders
14. keep fit - swimming, running and walking
15. learn how to do the splits
16. progress my textile/fashion knowledge
17. write more blog posts
18. go to parties and see friends
19. have a picnic in the sunshine
20. feel ready for my A levels next year!

All my love and wishes for a fab summer holiday 

The secret whisperer